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Why Fake News Matters to PR Professionals

Unless you’ve gone on a digital cleanse in the past year, you’ve probably had an interaction with fake news lately. Perhaps you’ve heard President Trump accuse both CNN and The New York Times of being “fake news,” or maybe you are a part of the reason Google searches for “fake news”…


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How To Be a Social Media Star

When logging on to your favorite social media sites, what catches your eye first? We often find ourselves getting sucked down the rabbit hole and the next thing you know, two hours of mindless scrolling have gone by. But what are the key messages you actually remember after you sign off?


The PR Strategy to Save Olympian Ryan Lochte From Himself

Americans just witnessed the downfall of a gold medal-winning swimmer’s reputation in less than a week’s time. It appears Ryan Lochte brought much of it on himself. Public relations professionals are talented at helping public figures manage their image and mitigate problems as they arise, but the shit gets real when…


Make Video A Bigger Part of Your Social Strategy

*This the the first post of a three-part series on video content for social media. This article covers the “Why;” the second article will discuss shooting, editing and optimization; the third post will focus more in-depth on how to promote video content through social media.


Donald Trump at New Hampshire Town Hall on August 19th, 2015 at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH.

Three PR Mistakes of 2016

PR mistakes happen daily. The rapidly changing, digital media landscape makes it very easy for those mistakes to go viral. Whether it is a tweet sent with questionable judgement, a larger-than-life spokesperson or a company-wide epidemic, PR disasters exist on different scales and across all industries. While there have been numerous PR mistakes…


Product Launch or Rallying the Base?

Yesterday Apple launched a handful of new products, but if you’re even a casual consumer of news, you know that. However, as I watched the presentation last night (on my Apple TV, of course!), it occurred to me that while Apple did trot out a couple of new toys, that presentation was a shot across…


Thinking Beyond the Press Release: Three Ways to Engage Prospects

It has been more than 110 years since PR forefather Ivy Lee invented the press release and, it’s safe to say, a lot has changed: we’ve survived two World Wars, the invention and commercialization of cars and planes, the creation of the Internet, the rise of the smartphone… the list goes on and on. Given the fact that the way humans communicate…


When Targeted Marketing Misses Its Target

Marketing as we know it is changing drastically. Instead of going after generalized demographics and target markets, we are seeing the rise of personalized ads. The growing popularity of social networks like Facebook and Instagram allows marketers to see what potential customers like and how they choose to consume advertising. Mobile marketing is also taking…


Five Social Media Predictions for 2016

With 2016 well under way, I think it’s time to address the possibilities that the new year will bring to the ever-evolving social media industry. While we all know that social media platforms will continue to update and innovate, it’s important to understand why those shifts are happening and what marketers can anticipate from such…