Copy Specialist/Account Coordinator

I am one of those strange people who enjoys writing. I like to write and I find it intriguing how powerful the written word can be. People tell me that I am good at writing, so I figured, why not make it a career?

I recently graduated the University of Colorado Boulder’s College of Media, Communication and Information with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. For the past year, I have worked as a freelance reporter for Prairie Mountain Media delivering local news to audiences throughout my beautiful home state of Colorado.

Albeit brief, my career in journalism has afforded me a wealth of experience and allowed me the ability to acquire a number of valuable skills, including: basic news-gathering techniques, such as reporting, writing, and interviewing; strategies and tactics for the creation and distribution of content across various media platforms; a knowledgeable overview of ethical theories, ethics codes and analytical models used in journalism, public relations and advertising.
I have also learned to develop content by taking advantage of the strengths of digital tools, including audio, video and graphics.

At Metzger Albee, I am able to put my journalistic skill set to work in new and different ways as a Copy Specialist/Account Coordinator — I get to help clients tell their story in an exciting way!

On a personal level, I enjoy sports more than the average person, some might even say I put the “fan” in fanatic. If the Broncos lose, it’s likely to ruin my day. I also thoroughly enjoy going to see all sorts of live music, and while I am quick to bust a move, I am not adept at any instruments.