COO, Digital Marketing

I’m focused on finding the perfect digital marketing strategies for my clients, and I’m lucky to have a whole team of enthusiastic and talented developers, designers and SEO specialists behind me to help put those strategies into action.

At MAPR, our daily mantra is to balance “the art and science of communication.” I’ve also come to practice an additional art: “the art of figuring it out.” Beyond simple problem solving, I enjoy picking things apart (ideas, communities, websites, roller skates, etc.), finding out what makes them work, and identifying ways to make them work better. I have a hard time accepting “just because” as an answer, but it’s highly preferable to the alternative, “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.”

As Chief Operating Officer of MAPR, I am proficient in creative multitasking and proud to be a part of a group of professionals who push the envelope, and push each other to new levels of excellence in every endeavor. We combine quantitative data such as website analytics and keyword ranking with qualitative elements about a client’s brand message and relationship with their community. With this information, we complete a very detailed portrait of each client’s business, and help them plan and prepare for the future.

I earned a master’s degree in Communication from the University of South Alabama in 2006 and began my career in marketing and public relations in the insurance and financial services industries. I moved to Colorado in 2008 and continued to develop my portfolio with freelance web writing and creating user documentation for proprietary and custom content management systems. I joined MAPR in 2010.