Chairman Emeritus

After 10 years as a magazine editor, and a three-year stint with a national investor relations agency, I struck out on my own to found one of the nation’s first technology public relations firms in 1991.

Creative Director

Being a designer isn’t just my job, it’s who I am. I’m passionate about the work I do in both print and web design, and enjoy facing the many challenges that are unique to each medium.

Account Executive

I am a news junkie who loves to see smart and skilled clients contribute to the the public conversation happening in the 24-hour news cycle on television, radio, online, newspapers or magazines.

Director of Operations

I am relatively new to MAPRagency, tasked with managing day-to-day office operations. Organizing and helping others are my stand-out qualities, and I believe I’ve found a great place with great people to put these skills to use…

Project Manager

I have more than 30 years of experience in sales, management, publishing and entrepreneurial experience. Having spent most of my career in Chicago and New York, I built companies from the ground up through sales and unique marketing integrated marketing programs…

Account Executive

I don’t think of myself as a PR person…it’s too abridged. I used my first camcorder in sixth grade and have been finding new ways to create things and tell stories ever since.

Account Executive

I am a story-teller with a strong interest in technology, and a knack for creating and maintaining relationships. As an Account Executive at Metzger Albee, I ensure each client has ample opportunities to sit at center stage within their given market.

Account Executive

What I do daily: listen, resonate and connect. As an Account Executive at Metzger Albee, I am truly doing what I love, and that is providing comprehensive account services to a variety of clients.

Account Coordinator

To me, public relations is about so much more than media coverage. It is about the personalized craftsmanship of telling stories, tailored to each client.

Copy Specialist/Account Coordinator

I am one of those strange people who enjoys writing. I like to write and I find it intriguing how powerful the written word can be. People tell me that I am good at writing, so I figured, why not make it a career?