The Brief

In 2016, MAPRagency was selected to launch the first officially licensed line of portable solar products by Energizer®, the lightweight and durable PowerKeep line. The first Energizer® branded solar products include a portable power system, recharging kit and two backpacks designed to keep smartphones, tablets and other rechargeable devices going and going.

The Work

MAPR was tasked with establishing and developing the company’s social media, conducting all public relations and designing a website as well product packaging in order to help Energizer® launch and market the PowerKeep line of portable solar products.

Our in-house creative team designed and developed not only beautiful and informative product packaging, but a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate site that includes everything Energizer® needs in order to set up their e-commerce website and start selling their innovative PowerKeep line of products online. The site is not only stunningly beautiful but it allows customers to learn about the benefits of solar energy and the PowerKeep line of products, ultimately focusing on the portable solar solutions that matter to them, before making a purchase.

The Results

The website not only helped Energizer® successfully launch the PowerKeep line of portable solar products, it continues to communicate the features and benefits of the PowerKeep line while driving user engagement by featuring and showcasing people and companies who are “doing their part” to make a positive impact on energy use on a section of the site.