The Brief

PANalytical Boulder is recognized worldwide for providing high performance analytical instrumentation solutions to industrial and scientific markets. Since 1990, PANalytical Boulder has designed, manufactured, and sold near-infrared spectroscopy instruments and approached Metzger five years ago to help gain exposure for the company’s instruments and expertise.

The Work

Metzger and PANalytical Boulder established a traditional public relations program to increase awareness of the company within mining and the remote sensing communities. Our initial goal was to expose PANalytical’s expertise and solutions, ultimately resulting in increasing sales. We have achieved widespread coverage across leading business, trade and global mining media.

The Results

In 2013, Metzger helped with the launch of the TerraSpec Halo, the lightest and fastest NIR mineral identification instrument available within the exploration geology market. Our efforts allowed us to accurately plan the launch, complete with a timeline for demoing the product at trade shows, and drafting, pitching and issuing the news to top trade publications. Metzger was able to secure coverage in the majority of the major trade publications, increasing exposure for PANalytical Boulder and this revolutionary product.

PANalytical Boulder