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The Best PR Vendor Services for Business in 2020 Part 2: Media Databases

It doesn’t matter how disruptive your product or service is, how much it will improve people’s lives and the world at large or how effective the message is if you don’t have a way to find the right journalists, influencers and other members of the media with accurate and up-to-date contact details.

BizWest Teams with MAPRagency to Launch Custom Content Studio

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Jan. 6, 2019 — BizWest, the multichannel business news journal serving northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley, and MAPRagency, one of the region’s most prominent, trusted public relations, digital marketing and creative services agencies, today announced a partnership to form a Custom Content Studio (CCS) to leverage the combined strength of customized content, native advertising and an established, long-standing audience.

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The Best PR Vendor Services for Business in 2020 Part 1: Media Monitoring

With options ranging from free online options to enterprise-level managed services, media monitoring solutions can be as basic or as advanced as you need. Today’s media monitoring is technologically advanced — machine learning tools, sophisticated algorithms and powerful processors are used to track, organize and bring mentions together from across the entire media landscape. But with numerous options out there claiming to be the best and most comprehensive, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin.

How to Ensure Your 2020 Predictions Stand Out

From market forecasts to tech trends and more, every company has a “what’s to come” story to tell. Although attempting to tie your company’s message into this seemingly annual tradition is certainly a sound strategy, publications are often bombarded by competitors offering similar stories. To drive the optimal results for your organization, how can you make sure your prediction piece stands out?

Putting out fires

A Brief Look Back at the PR Blunders of of 2018

Mistakes happen all of the time. And in the world of public relations, the ever-evolving digital media landscape magnifies errors made by companies across industry sectors. From misguided campaigns and jokes made in poor taste to downright incompetence, PR fails can significantly damage any company’s reputation, and the ensuing public outrage can impact your organization’s…

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This is Why You Should Reconsider Your Digital Marketing Budget

In the constantly changing media marketplace we’re currently faced with, the resources, tools, techniques and platforms that are effective today may not be able to drive the results you’re looking for tomorrow. Consequently, marketers and others in the marketing industry are forced to evolve their tactics or risk being left behind as content consumption patterns develop and social media platforms shift…