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New York Times Daydream Apartments article

Telling Your Story and Securing Top-Tier Coverage: The Daydream Apartments Story

Although MAPRagency is probably best known for our ability to generate opportunities to foster a favorable public image for tech companies, our work across numerous industry categories highlights one of our core capabilities: storytelling. In the case of Daydream Apartments, a lifestyle brand that operates upscale residential properties in five high-growth markets around the country,…

face masks on mail in ballots 2020 election

Why GOTV is the New CSR: Six Voter Turnout Ideas to Enhance Your Brand

With the 2020 elections already underway in many states, we’re tracking a very interesting trend here at MAPR: there’s been a growing number of media stories on the ways that companies are encouraging voter turnout. Reporters are eager to cover new story angles on this year’s election cycle, and right now, there’s a nation-wide emphasis…